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Music Ministry   


Our Music Ministry is led by

(left to right) Paul Griffith (Organist), Dr. Thomas Krause (Director of Music)


The Adult Choir meets September through May. We meet every Wednesday at 6:45 p.m.  During Advent and Lent the choir meets at 7:45 p.m. If you love to sing and are interested in joining, email or call the church. 

No practice during summer months.



The Celebration Ringers meet September through May every Wednesday at 5:45 p.m. You must be able to read music.  If interested, please email or call the church.

No practice during summer months.


KING'S CHOIR (Children's Choir)

The King's Choir meet September through May on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm.  If your child is interested in singing in the choir, just show up for practice downstairs!

No practice during summer months.



The Schantz Organ at East Side Lutheran Church

On April 29, 1956 the congregation voted to sign a contract with the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio for a three manual organ of 30 ranks (sets of pipes).  The organ was fully installed in July, 1956.  At that time, the organ's tonal design was relatively new to this area, representing developments resulting from the magnificent 17th and 18th century organs of Middle Europe.   Its tone is classified as American Classic, possessing the better features of both the Baroque and Romantic designs.  The organ was designed to be brilliant and clean cut in tone quality and texture, but capable of softness and mellowness.  There are some colorful solo stops, but even they were chosen to fit into a well-blended ensemble.  The organ was dedicated at a special service and recital on October 27, 1957.   

In 2004 the sound of the organ was updated with added pipes by Charles Hendrickson.  The organ was enlarged from 30 to 35 ranks and a total of 1900 pipes.  These new pipes add projection and presence of sound through powerful reed voices; the largest being the 16' wood reed pipes and 16' metal Principal pipes located facing the congregation in front of the enclosed organ chambers.  The console was improved with all new solid state equipment and is movable around the chancel platform for convenience and flexibility.  The console also contains MIDI and a sequencer for record/playback.

On September 19th, 2004 the refurbished organ was featured at a rededication recitial.  Clink on the links below to read the program created by Panther Graphics and designed by Linda Hoeck & Kathy Rustwick.

Organ Dedication Bulletin 1 (pdf)

Organ Dedication Bulletin 2 (pdf)

Current Organ Specifications

GREAT (exposed)                                                CHOIR (enclosed)   


16      Pommer                                          8          Gedackt  

8        Principal                                                   8        Dulciana Unda Maris tc  

8        Bourdon                                                   4          Koppelflote

4          Octave                                                      2 2/3   Nazard 

2 2/3  Twelfth                                                     2          Spitzflote 

2        Fifteenth Fourniture IV                           1 3/5    Tierce  

8        Trumpet                                         8        Cromorne Remolo     

8        Horizontal Trumpet (prep.) Tremolo    16      Choir to Choir 

16      Great to Great                                         Choir Unison 

16      Swell to Great                                 Off    

8        Swell to Great                                  4      Choir to Choir    

4        Swell to Great                                 16      Swell to Choir 

16      Choir to Great                                  8       Swell to Choir 

8        Choir to Great                                  4       Swell to Choir 

4        Choir to Great

SWELL (enclosed)                                               PEDAL

16        Rohrbourdon                                   32        Resultant F

8        Rohrflote                                        32        Resultant P 

8          Viole                                                         16        Principal

8          Viole Celeste                                            16          Subbass

4          Principal                                                    16          Rohrbourdon 

4          Flute Harmonic                                           8           Octave

2          Piccolo Plein Jeu III Ranks                          8           Bourdon   

16        Bass Clarinet                                              8          Rohrflote

8          Trompette                                                  4          Choral Bass Rauschquinte IV

4          Hautbois Tremolo                              16        Posaune

16        Swell to Swell                                   16        Bass Clarinet

            Swell to Unison                                           8         Trumpet

Off                                                           4         Hautbois

4        Swell to Swell                                   8         Great to Pedal

                                                                              4         Great to Pedal

                                                                               8         Swell to Pedal

                                                               4         Swell to Pedal

                                                               8         Choir to Pedal

                                                               4         Choir to Pedal

Totals: 29 Stops, 35 Ranks, 1900 Pipes


East Side Lutheran Organists

David K. Blanchar                                            (1957 - 1967)

Warren Shoberg, Marie Christopherson             (1968 - 1969)

Marie Lykken                                                    (1970 - 1971)

Mrs. John Devick, David Beyer                        (1972 - 1973)

Laurene Hochhalter Olesen                              (1974 - 1994)

Paul R. Griffith                                                (1995 -  present)