Worship Style

What We Believe About Worship

At East Side Lutheran Church, close to downtown Sioux Falls, we believe worship is the one unique and essential activity of the church. Worship is the celebration of the anticipation, remembrance, and enactment of God’s creative purpose.  It is a redemptive activity, and transformative presence for and with humanity.

Through worship, our East Side Lutheran Church members are taking a personal journey of faith and are called to participate in God’s mission to redeem the world.  We welcome everyone from any background. No matter what age, demographic, gender, ethnicity or income level, we invite you to East Side Lutheran Church!

Become a Member

East Side Lutheran Church welcomes all people to services of worship or any church function with no expectation of further commitment. However, if you have interest in becoming a member of our congregation, click on the button to get started now.

Let us show you the way

Located at 10th Street and Cliff Avenue