East Side Lutheran Church welcomes all people to services of worship or any church function with no expectation of further commitment. For anyone interested in becoming a member of our congregation, register online or call Linda Hoeck at 605-332-7506 for more information.

Membership Classes

There are several new member classes offered throughout the year. The topics are organized according to the needs of the participants, including: Lutheran Doctrine and Practice, discipleship in the world, stewardship of God’s gifts and questions from participants.

All those who join East Side are asked to attend a new-member orientation, hosted by the Membership Coordinator. It is an opportunity to meet other new members, meet some of the staff, hear specifics about programs and service opportunities both within and beyond East Side, as well as to tour the facilities. 

Those currently members of a Lutheran Church can transfer their membership to East Side Lutheran Church. Those desiring to join East Side Lutheran Church from non-Lutheran Churches are asked to attend a new member class. Those with no previous church membership are asked to attend a new member class and/or meet with one of the pastors.

Holy Communion

East Side Lutheran Church invites all baptized Christians who believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ to participate in Holy Communion. 

Participation in the Lord’s Supper is the reception of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ given with bread and wine, given and shed for you for the remission of sins and instituted by Christ himself for us to eat and drink. (Luther’s Small Catechism) 

Preparation for Holy Communion will be provided for persons as young as ten years of age or in the fifth grade.

New Membership Request

If you’re ready to become a member of East Side Lutheran Church click here to download the new member form, complete all of the questions, and bring it into the church at your earliest convenience. If you have more questions, please complete and submit the form below and Linda Hoeck, our New Member Coordinator, will be in contact with you soon.
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