The Confirmation Program at East Side Lutheran Church is for those in grades 6th-9th. It is a time to grow in both the knowledge of scripture and in what we believe as Lutheran Christians. Worship, service, and fun are woven throughout the program. Click on the button below to view overarching program objectives, as well as grade specific objectives.


6th-8th graders meet weekly on Wednesday evenings during the school year with the following emphasis:

  • 6th Grade – Old Testament
  • 7th Grade – New Testament
  • 8th Grade – Living Life Lutheran

Grades 6th-8th also complete 16 sermon notes. Click here to download 2 different sermon note form options. 9th graders meet weekly with a mentor in the fall and write their own Faith Statement. Additionally, 9th graders go through the rite of “Affirmation of Baptism” (and are confirmed) on the last Sunday of October.

Confirmation Registration

If you’re ready to enter the East Side Lutheran Church confirmation program you can register online below or simply click on the Download button for all the necessary documents.

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Located at 10th Street and Cliff Avenue