East Side Lutheran Church rejoices with you as you anticipate your wedding day. We are pleased that you are considering East Side as the place to celebrate your marriage ceremony and we’ll do everything possible to make sure that it is a joyous event.

Your Wedding Day

We want your wedding to be an occasion you will always remember as a beautiful and meaningful day, one full of reverence and dignity. More importantly, we are concerned not only for your wedding ceremony but also for your marriage. Christian marriage is a covenant of faith — it is a mutual promise of fidelity where husband and wife promise lifelong faithfulness to each other. The bride and the groom are really the ones doing the work. The officiating pastor is present as an official witness and as a representative of the State of South Dakota as well as of the Christian Church.

Marriage and the Church

Marriage does not belong exclusively to the Church. While marriage is ordained by God and supported by the Church, it is a social contract, governed and regulated by the state for the purpose of protecting individuals and providing stability to the social order. To the Christian, it is more:
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We believe God ordained marriage to enrich the lives of husband and wife and to provide a sound basis for family life.
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We believe God’s intention for marriage is that it be a life-long relationship based on the commitment by the man to the woman and the woman to the man.
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We believe God’s self-giving love and faithfulness toward us is the foundation of a committed relationship between wife and husband.
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We believe God, along with the Church, desires marriage to be a source of faith, joy, love, and fulfillment. Marriages rooted in God’s steadfast love will be the most likely to experience these qualities.

& Wife

You make your promises in the presence of God, trusting that God will bless and support you as you work together to fulfill them. Thus, to be married in the church is to recognize God’s intentions for marriage and to affirm them as your own.
The Pastor officiates at your wedding, representing both church and state, but it is you who bind yourselves to each other as husband and wife, by your promises before God and in the presence of the gathered community.


Below, are the most frequently asked questions about having a wedding at the East Side Lutheran Church.
Yes. This can be done through Lutheran Social Services or Stacy Gorman, LLC. Call and make an appointment at least three months before your wedding date. If you don’t live in the Sioux Falls area, you can call the church and we will help you find a place for premarital counseling.

Yes, as long as they are an ELCA affiliated Pastor.

No, you can play music from your personal collection. Just make sure it is of Christian origin.

Yes, the Pastor has to approve the song selection and make sure the service is in the correct order. If the song is not a popular one, you may need to email the lyrics of the music to Pastor Layne Nelson at After the pastor approves the layout, you can then print the programs.

Yes, you can. However, you must use rubber bands or plastic hanging hooks – NO staples, tape, etc. There are 30 pews (15 on each side).

Yes, the wedding coordinator is here to assist you with questions regarding what is allowed in the church and what is not. They will make follow-up calls to the florist, limo company, and photographer for reminders. All questions should be directed to them. If they can’t answer the question, they will investigate and return a call to you.

The first step is to call the church with a date in mind. If the date is open, then the costs vary by whether you are a member or not: $100 deposit for members and $600 total / $450 deposit for non-members and $1,050 total. The deposit holds the date. The first person who selects the date also selects the time of the wedding. The times a wedding can be scheduled between 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Real rose petals, bird seed, and/or rice are not allowed. Only bubbles or bells can be used outdoors.

This depends on how long it takes for practicing walking up and down the isle. The rehearsal usually only takes 45 minutes. During the rehearsal the Pastor will ask the wedding party to join in the sanctuary. A prayer will be said and then the Pastor will ask the couple and wedding party to take their places up front just how they want them for their wedding day. The Pastor will go over the service order, have the wedding party walk out, then back in and answer any questions you may have. There will be a few brief words from the wedding coordinator and then you will be free to go to your rehearsal dinner.

It is best to meet with the organist one month prior to the wedding to select songs to be played.

You need to get your license at the court house. Please bring both the license and decorative license to the church office one week prior to the wedding. After signing the day of the wedding, the church office staff will mail the original to the court house.

This is a good time to bring the guest book, unity candle and two single candles, basket or box decorated for cards, bubbles (if you are using them), programs, and wedding dress.

Both members and non-members are welcomed to be married at East Side Lutheran Church; however, couples are required to take a premarital instruction.

Wedding Information

Before you submit your wedding information to East Side Lutheran Church, please download our wedding booklet, read and familiarize yourselves with its content.

Wedding Vows

The following vows, each expressing the promises of a couple's life-long commitment to each other, are examples of appropriate vows for use at your wedding.

Bible Readings

Please select one or two of the following lessons to be read at your wedding. If you prefer not to make any selections, the pastor will select texts.

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