Welcome to the Lazy-Faire Readers

We are a small group, come as you are, occasional, short-term, no pressure gathering of folks who get together around a book a couple times a season. Like the French term laissez-faire [ (les-ay-fair, lay-zay-fair) ] which means “Let (people) do (as they choose)”, we welcome the laziest of readers, so come for the book, stay for the friendships (reading optional)!

Our fall 2021 reading will be Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen’s I Can Do No Other: The Church’s New Here We Stand Moment, and Anna will be joining in some of our conversations! We’ve started our reading on Reformation Sunday October 31, but it’s never too late to join in the conversation…

Here's a new Reformation song based in the themes and stories from Anna's book...

Here's a discussion to season your own reading of the preface and chapters 1 & 2. Posted on Reformation Day - Oct. 31, 2021

Here's the video conversation for chapters 3 and 4 posted on Nov. 20, 2021. Much of this discussion centers around Martin Luther’s use of “natural law”, how this has influenced our time and where we may make informed and different choices.

You can check out the full 30-minute October 19th conversation with Anna Madsen on the East Side YouTube page. This conversation has some of Anna’s family history in South Dakota and her work with the OMG Center, Spent Dandelion Retreat Center, and an introduction to the first of multiple books Anna is writing: “I Can Do No Other“. 

Regardless of whether you live in Sioux Falls or Timbuktu, you are welcome to join in this conversation. There will be one or more small groups that will meet in Sioux Falls and an online group for folks who prefer that option or do not live close by. East Side has purchased copies of the book that will be arriving on November 1. You may also purchase this book through multiple resellers. 

To join in this discussion simply share your name and email in the form below. We’ll reach out to you with a few questions about when/where/how you’d like to join in this conversation. And please invite your friends to join in! If you have any additional questions please reach out to Pastor Joel